Consultants Need a Solid Marketing Plan

If you are going to be taking your consulting business or firm seriously then you definitely need to come up with a solid marketing plan and then take action on it. If you don’t have a marketing plan it would be like building a house with no blueprints – you’re only asking for problems and an unsuccessful attempt.

A good marketing plan for your consulting services will act like a trusty roadmap that you can follow all the way to a successful consulting business system that works for you. One note to remember. This plan is not final and can and should always be improved upon.

Another thing to remember and it’s a trap I see many consultants fall into all the time is thinking that they are too small for a good marketing plan. Even if you work alone or with one other partner you still need detailed plans on paper to help you along. Remember if you yourself don’t have one how do you think you will be able to develop them for clients when you start providing your services.

One thing to think about when coming up with the plan is consistency throughout your marketing and promotional materials. This means on your web site or blog, the design of your stationary and business cards, and even down to the way you communicate in emails and phone calls. Make this one integrated package that fits together and makes sense and starts giving a message of consistency off to all the people that do business with you.

Another reason that you as a consultant will actually benefit from a good market plan is some of your clients might even want you to explain it before you start working with them. If they can see that it is not well thought out and very strategic then the chances of them deciding to end up working with you are not very high.

Something to note is that this blueprint for marketing is different then your overall sales or business plan. It should just talk about your strategies of getting the word out about your business and what channels you will be using for your overall business promotion.

So do yourself a favor if you want to succeed in consulting. Take it seriously from day one and develop a good marketing plan before you set sail into the wild seas. Follow this plan, adjust it as needed, and fine tune it to the point where it is working for you and helping you put smiles on client’s faces and money in your pocket.

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