Mary Kay Beauty Consultant – What You Need to Know

Mary Kay is marketing in several lines like skin care, color makeup, body care and various others. The company has also provided business opportunities to people and has expanded its business. These products are available everywhere in the world and are sold by independent consultants. These consultants buy the products at wholesale, starter packages or individually. These packages also include bonus items and might be purchased on credit or on cash. The new distributors are encouraged in this way to start their business.

One can sell these products in several ways too. One to one or in a party or any way that is feasible to the distributor. The company also ships its products directly through website and email.

For buying a product, one needs to familiarize themselves with the ranges and varieties they offer. A Mary Kay consultant can surely help you in this regard. A visit to Mary Kay website can also be helpful. There are several past successful stories of consultants that can give a good idea of the product.

To become a Mary Kay beauty consultant, one can learn about the opportunities for a sales director and find out the requirements. Before finalizing the deal the fine print of agreement should be thoroughly considered to reduce any misconceptions. After verifying the contract, one may plan for the sale of this product, the way that is most feasible them. All the consultants also earn a 50% profit off the products that they sell independently so it’s quite a good business for them.

To become a Mary Kay independent Consultant: Request the agreement from your consultant. After signing, the person will be required to give initially $100 for the investment to obtain the supplies. The literature and sample products will be sent by mail. This might assist in planning the sale. One might also ask any questions and take advantage of the training provided. Again special discounts and offers will be open for consultants.

Understand that the training will provide you with the skills to have Mary Kay parties and how to do facials. You will be asked to make a list of family and friends and then hit them up to have a party or buy the products. The drawback to this is people are very busy these days and really don’t want to take time out to have a party or even a facial. You may find at first you can get some response but it will not be long before you will hear a lot of excuses as to why they can not take the time out of their busy schedule.

So bottom line here is that even though Mary Kay has good products and is a very reputable company it may become difficult to market the products. The problem is hitting up people that could care less about what you have can make result in a real challenge trying to grow your business. On the other hand if you learn to utilize the power of the internet and get yourself positioned as a leader and an expert in the cosmetic or skin care industry you can have literally thousands of people reaching out to you that already have a want, need or desire for your products or even your business. Be aware that trying to host parties will soon become ineffective and your Mary Kay business could end up actually costing you money.