Style Consultation – How to Boost Your Body Confidence

As an image consultant, it never fails to amaze me how little confidence us women have in our bodies. I have a curvy size 12-14 figure and am constantly trying to lose weight! I am fortunate that because of my training I know how to dress my body to show off the best bits and hide the bits I don’t like so much. I can choose fabrics and styles that show off the curves whilst keeping the silhouette as slim as possible.

Very often I find that women with curves are very disillusioned with their bodies. Even more surprising to curvy ladies, who wish they could walk through that magic door and come out the other side a few sizes smaller, is the fact that their counterparts with slim size 8 figures are often just as dissatisfied with their slender bodies. They are often feeling like stick insects, wishing they had more curves and finding just as much difficulty getting clothes to fit properly.

When a client comes for a style consultation, the hardest question I can ask her is, “What do you like about your body?” She will start reeling off a long list of dislikes and I usually have to put her in front of the mirror and show her the positives. It seems that what probably starts with humble modesty shapes itself into complete lack of confidence in our bodies and low self esteem. If you have difficulty standing in front of the mirror and paying yourself a compliment then it’s definitely time to treat yourself to a style consultation.

At a style consultation you will find out which body shape you are and how to dress your body to it’s best advantage. You will learn how to focus on the positives rather than the negatives and build your body confidence.

The neat hourglasses will learn how versatile their body is. They can wear almost anything but must be careful not to swamp their perfect figure in bulky or baggy items.

The full hourglasses will learn to love their curves and show them off in soft and stretchy fabrics. Bias cut styles and low necklines work fantastically.

The triangles have a curvy lower half but will be smaller on the top half. They just need to learn how to layer the top half to balance the bottom. They need to keep all the detail to the top half whether it’s accessories, patterns, frills or pockets.

The inverted triangles have broad shoulders and slim hips. Their bodies are straight and neat. They look great in halternecks, stiff fabrics and sharp tailoring. They wear pinstripes beautifully and need to keep detail to the bottom half.

The lean columns are long and lean and have very few curves. In a style consultation they will learn how to use detail across the bust and hip area and how to use texture to add interest to the body. Us fat fighters cannot imagine how anyone can feel too thin, but the lean column sometimes feels long and lanky and a little masculine. A style consultation will help her appreciate her long limbs and create a more curvy shape.

The rectangle is again a straight body-line which suits tailored clothes and uncluttered looks. Trousers with pocket detail are great as are tailored waisted jackets and blouses. This woman looks fantastic in jeans. The rectangle needs to avoid soft, floppy clothes and belts around her middle.

The round woman will often feel that she is fat and her tummy will be her problem area. But she will usually have slim elegant legs. If she chooses clothes that hang from the shoulders like tunics and trapeze tops with wide-leg trousers her look will be balanced. Her detail needs to be in the top or bottom third of her body. She is often a bag and shoes girl and they will help her achieve a great look.

So stop beating yourself up, you definitely have great features whatever your shape. Consider a style consultation to boost your confidence today.