Style Consultation – How to Boost Your Body Confidence

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As an image consultant, it never fails to amaze me how little confidence us women have in our bodies. I have a curvy size 12-14 figure and am constantly trying to lose weight! I am fortunate that because of my training I know how to dress my body to show off the best bits and hide the bits I don’t like so much. I can choose fabrics and styles that show off the curves whilst keeping the silhouette as slim as possible.

Very often I find that women with curves are very disillusioned with their bodies. Even more surprising to curvy ladies, who wish they could walk through that magic door and come out the other side a few sizes smaller, is the fact that their counterparts with slim size 8 figures are often just as dissatisfied with their slender bodies. They are often feeling like stick insects, wishing they had more curves and finding just as much difficulty getting clothes to fit properly.

When a client comes for a style consultation, the hardest question I can ask her is, “What do you like about your body?” She will start reeling off a long list of dislikes and I usually have to put her in front of the mirror and show her the positives. It seems that what probably starts with humble modesty shapes itself into complete lack of confidence in our bodies and low self esteem. If you have difficulty standing in front of the mirror and paying yourself a compliment then it’s definitely time to treat yourself to a style consultation.

At a style consultation you will find out which body shape you are and how to dress your body to it’s best advantage. You will learn how to focus on the positives rather than the negatives and build your body confidence.

The neat hourglasses will learn how versatile their body is. They can wear almost anything but must be careful not to swamp their perfect figure in bulky or baggy items.

The full hourglasses will learn to love their curves and show them off in soft and stretchy fabrics. Bias cut styles and low necklines work fantastically.

The triangles have a curvy lower half but will be smaller on the top half. They just need to learn how to layer the top half to balance the bottom. They need to keep all the detail to the top half whether it’s accessories, patterns, frills or pockets.

The inverted triangles have broad shoulders and slim hips. Their bodies are straight and neat. They look great in halternecks, stiff fabrics and sharp tailoring. They wear pinstripes beautifully and need to keep detail to the bottom half.

The lean columns are long and lean and have very few curves. In a style consultation they will learn how to use detail across the bust and hip area and how to use texture to add interest to the body. Us fat fighters cannot imagine how anyone can feel too thin, but the lean column sometimes feels long and lanky and a little masculine. A style consultation will help her appreciate her long limbs and create a more curvy shape.

The rectangle is again a straight body-line which suits tailored clothes and uncluttered looks. Trousers with pocket detail are great as are tailored waisted jackets and blouses. This woman looks fantastic in jeans. The rectangle needs to avoid soft, floppy clothes and belts around her middle.

The round woman will often feel that she is fat and her tummy will be her problem area. But she will usually have slim elegant legs. If she chooses clothes that hang from the shoulders like tunics and trapeze tops with wide-leg trousers her look will be balanced. Her detail needs to be in the top or bottom third of her body. She is often a bag and shoes girl and they will help her achieve a great look.

So stop beating yourself up, you definitely have great features whatever your shape. Consider a style consultation to boost your confidence today.

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Responsibilities of a Construction Consultant

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The construction and management consultants are basically known as the representatives of a construction estate. They work at an expert level along with the ordinary builders. There is also a senior construction team working at a side which makes sure that proper amount and quality of material is being used by the builders. This team also ensures that whether the material being used is good for the health of the environment or not. If it is not, then they replace that material and come up with environment friendly material for undertaking construction and management. The project on which these consultants work may range from a single room to a multi-level development program. This always depends upon the nature of the work assigned to these construction consultants. These professionals are highly trained and they can work on any kind of construction project.

When the projects are assigned to the professionals, they plan and make decision for choosing material that is to be used and they forward the tender to the suppliers. When the tender is completed, the material is supplied according to the required specification of each item of construction. This specification covers every single detail of all the items that are provided for construction from a single screw to the most complicated and the largest pieces to be used. After this, construction gets started and all the required material is utilized by the builders including the services of the construction consultants involved in the project.

When the material is obtained, the construction and management consultants examine the material carefully and make sure that it is viable for the health of the environment and then they pass it for further usage. After this, the material is forwarded to the builders and in this way the project is completed with its finest quality and is constructed with great skills that help in increasing its life.

The construction and management consultants then make a proper catalog for all the items and keep record for each item that is being utilized during construction. These building specification consultants also make a summary at the end of each day for the material consumed in work. This is done for the betterment of the whole organization. Builders work with full efforts to produce quality construction with their abilities due to which they are rewarded with money in the end. This is everything that is involved in the construction routine. The construction and management consultants not only work with the builders but they also maintain balance of work among the workers. Each builder performs a specific task and put in full efforts to achieve the desired outcomes.

In the same way, the product specification details are passed to the concerned authorities and then all these details are managed and put in a record. From this routine, we can observe that professional building construction consultants are as important as the building material is for construction. The one who has this kind of experience and knowledge will be prosperous in life by attaining a fair position in the construction department.

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Consultants – How to Hire the Best Consultant

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If you are having a hard time running your business or if you are virtually clueless about the benefits and compensation that you should offer to your employees, you can consider hiring consultants. These are the people who have been there and done that and who can share their expertise and experience to help you make well-informed decisions. They can also help you avoid committing costly mistakes.

With thousands of consultants offering the same services, how can you possibly find the best one that will meet your needs and demands? Here’s how:

1. Recommendations. Call your friends, colleagues, and family members who have worked with consultants before and ask about their experience. Get the name and contact information of consultants who strike you as the best fit to your needs and demands.

2. Make that call. Call the consultants who are highly recommended by the people you know. Ask about their services and ask for their portfolio. Go with those ones who listen to you, who have several years of experience, and highly recommended by industry leaders.

3. Ask for free consulting services. With the stiff competition in the field of consulting, more and more consultants are now open to the idea of offerings free consulting services to their potential buyers to increase their chances of winning their business. Take advantage of this to make sure that the consultant you choose is the one that can give you all the information and assistance you need. What you can do is share with him/her some of your problems and give him/her a chance to solve these. If you are impressed, you can go ahead and hire him/her.

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Take Advantage of a Recruitment Consultancy

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Many large companies now use the services of a recruitment consultancy to help them to fill a vacancy with the perfect new employee. These experts take on the responsibility for every step of the recruitment process and could include:

• Advertising the job

• Vetting CVs

• Arranging candidate interviews and tests

• Negotiating with successful employees

This takes the emphasis for the recruitment process away from the manager that needs to fill the vacancy and allows them to continue with their daily work. Obviously the consultant will liaise with the recruiting manager at every step of the process to ensure that only the most suitable candidates make it to the interview stage.


Traditionally job adverts appear in the local newspaper or job centre, but this is often more likely to be an online recruitment website now. Potential candidates browse adverts on these websites regularly and can apply for an interesting position within a few clicks.

To ensure that the most suitable candidates apply, the advert should contain an accurate and detailed job description along with a list of any necessary skills or experience and the salary expectations. Having all of these details will help to weed out potential applicants who will want too much salary or do not have the necessary skills.

Vetting CVs

In the current economic climate, it is possible for a job advert to gather many applications. This is one area where a good recruitment consultancy can save a business a significant amount of time and money. The consultant will read through the CVs as they arrive and will often speak to any suitable candidates that meet the specification. The consultant will pass any applicants that appear suitable to the recruiting manager for review.

Arranging Interview

Once the manager has picked which candidates to interview, the recruiter will arrange these with the candidates. Depending on the position, the recruiter might even perform the interviews on behalf of the employer. This could be a phone interview or a traditional face-to-face interview. Some employers insist that candidates take tests during the interview stage, and the consultancy can arrange and administer these tests.

Negotiating with Candidates

When the successful candidate receives a job offer then the recruitment consultancy will usually work as an intermediary for both parties. This might include:

• Salary

• Holidays

• Start Date

Once the new employee starts work, the business will receive an invoice for their services. Often the bill will be a percentage of the salary of the new recruit, but they have the skills and experience to save the business a lot of time and money during recruitment.

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Consulting Opportunities – 4 Great Opportunities For Consultants

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Anyone can start a career in consulting even those who do not have college degrees. Here are the 4 great consulting opportunities these days. See if they match your areas of expertise and interest.

1. Benefit consulting. This is a type of service that aims to help employers and workers determine which benefit package will suit their needs. Understanding exactly what type and how much benefit coverage is extremely difficult for some employers especially if they don’t have relevant background. This is the reason why they hire benefit consultants.

2. Healthcare consulting. This is the process of helping healthcare professionals in handling the business aspect of their jobs. A healthcare consultant may be called in to help doctors or healthcare facilities in regards to their hiring concerns, marketing issues, bookkeeping questions, and other business-related things.

3. Operations consulting. This is the process that aims to help organizations in assessing their internal procedures and strategies to improve the overall operation of the company. Operations consultants are expected to examine the workflow structure of the organization and to understand the division of labor among the leadership team. The idea here is to fully understand how each individual impacts the current processes used by the company.

4. Internet marketing consulting. This is a type of consulting that is for people who are experts when it comes to selling products and services online. Internet marketing consultants are expected to help their clients in promoting their products and in connecting with their target audience to boost sales and revenue. Consultants must have in-depth understanding about SEO, link building, using content based marketing solutions, among other things.

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6 Courses & Training That Every Business Owner Should Take

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It’s no secret that you have to wear many hats as a business owner. While you are probably gifted in some areas, you may not have the natural instinct for others. And that’s okay! After all, an entrepreneur never stops learning.

Whether you are starting your own business venture or you have been in the game for a while,Guest Posting here are some courses that can help you improve your capabilities. Take a look.

Fundamentals of Finance

Managing finance is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. While it’s a good idea to involve an experienced accountant to take care of your financial books, you should also have an understanding of what’s going on. From estimating ROI to interpreting financial reports, you should be well versed with the fundamentals of finance.

Technical Writing

From writing a media release to a tender proposal, every business needs to put out various technical documents. These documents hold paramount importance for gaining publicity and winning contracts for your business. And writing technical documents is not the same as writing other content. We suggest exploring tender writing courses in Sydney.

Digital Marketing

No matter the size of your business or the industry it belongs to, you cannot afford to neglect your brand’s online presence. Marketing your business on the internet plays a key role in reaching a wider audience, persuading customers and boosting revenue.

It’s understandable that you may not have a huge marketing budget when you’re just starting out. That’s why learning the basics of digital marketing is a beneficial investment.

Presentation & Public Speaking

Networking and public speaking are a part of every entrepreneur’s daily life. You need flawless communication and presentation skills to persuade investors and buyers. Don’t feel discouraged if you are not a natural public speaker. It is something that can be learned.

Project Management

Project management is a demanding process that requires a multitude of skills. From initial planning to leading a team, you have to take care of getting a project off the ground and finishing on time. All of this can feel overwhelming in the beginning, but you can gain confidence in your abilities by signing up for a project management course.

Diversity Training

We all have some internal bias that we may not be aware of, but it ultimately unfairly impacts the people around us. Diversity training can help you create an inclusive and discrimination-free workplace. In addition to the employers, employees should also participate in diversity training.

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18k Yellow Gold Rings Carry the Original Shine and Luster of Gold!

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G.W.Bands can bring the best possible help for you. There is a wide range of wedding rings that you can explore here which are made from 18k and 14k gold.

When it comes to the selection of jewelry,Guest Posting most of the time we prefer to opt for the ones that are made from precious metals like gold. But these days, the interest among people to buy gold ornaments seems to be going down. As people have become more conscious about their budget and they simply want to save more money, they have started opting for inexpensive alternatives to gold. But when it comes to a wedding occasion, these gold ornaments have always managed to establish a very strong presence and reputation. Weddings without gold ornaments look incomplete and people do understand this fact very well. That’s a big reason why the yellow gold wedding rings announced by the top online jewelry store are in demand now.

A wedding is surely a special occasion. Brides and grooms use to celebrate this in the most special manner. They pick the best wedding dress and also wear the best ornaments that can help them look more amazing. When you are looking for the best wedding jewelry, 18k yellow gold rings might draw your attention in the first instance. And the best place to shop for these gold rings is the G.W.Bands. it’s the online store that offers the best deal on gold wedding rings. These rings are really designed for a wedding-like special occasion. For both the bride and for the groom, you can find the gold wedding rings here.

In order to make the gold ornaments, gold and other alloys are mixed together in a specific proportion. When it comes to the 18k yellow gold rings, you should keep in mind that the gold is present in this ring with a range of 75% and the rest is the alloy used to make such ring. If the alloy will not be used, then the gold ring will not be able to become sturdy and durable enough. These wedding rings carry the original color and luster of gold. The golden color present on them can draw your attention from a good distance as well. Yellow gold wedding rings are mostly preferred by the brides and grooms. However, the other versions of the wedding rings are also available at this online store like the white gold wedding bands.

Wedding rings are also called wedding bands. If you are having any confusion in mind that wedding band and wedding ring are two different items, then you should wipe it out now. These items are the same. The fact is different people use to call them in different names. The 18k yellow gold rings you are going to explore at this online jewelry store are loaded with contemporary designs. These rings are designed by top designers.

So, they are equipped with the most innovative and creative designs. Whether you are a bride or a groom, this is the right time for you to start shopping for yellow gold wedding rings. At this online store, you will get the best deal on such items.

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Custom oil boxes to increase the attractiveness of your product

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Customize the stunning designs of the CBD hemp oil boxes from BoxesMe. Our experts prepare the beautiful prints of the boxes through hi-tech machinery. We can provide you with the 3D and mock-up sampling of the cannabis oil boxes at your request. We do free flat and assembled shipping all over the world.

The demand for CBD hemp oil boxes is high to save the different medicated oils. So,Guest Posting display your branded products in appealing packaging to protect them from any damage. Hence oil bottles are fragile and they need care and proper protection to not get leaked. To make the oil secure, customize the stunning boxes that keep them safer and fresh as well.

Hence, clients have the option to select the designs, size, and structure for the cannabis oil boxes to keep them fresh and natural. So, select the sturdy material and fascinating design that give complement to your homemade oils. Hence, bottles of the oils vary from design to design, and the same goes for the packaging as well. So, select the packaging size and material wisely according to your product size.

Thus, displaying the fascinating designs of the CBD hemp oil boxes in an elegant way is an appreciative technique. So, make sure that your brand is perfect for the buyers related to the product and packaging. Hence, select every step for creating the marvelous look of the oil packaging that will help you to increase the product demand.

Increase your oil product sale due to the fascinating designs of the custom boxes
The outer look of the CBD hemp oil boxes must be appropriate and appealing that attract visitors. Hence designs play a major role in attaining the attention of the buyers. Hence, customizing companies will let you know about the latest trends of the oil boxes designs. So, you have to select the designs with a vibrant color scheme to make different standards. Every design must be appropriate according to your product size and shape.

On the other hand, the different styles of cannabis oil boxes are available like gable, sleeve, display, front and reverse end tuck, and window boxes. Thus, it made the standard of your brand to put your oils in amazing packaging. Hence, every design is mind-blowing but select that wisely according to the suitability of the product. So, you have to select one style and put different embellishments like ribbon and glitters to make them more appealing for the buyers.

Mind-blowing prints of the custom boxes appeal to the onlookers to must pay a visit
Your focus is to extend your oil business access to the higher level? You are worried about your packaging? So, look around you and make a call to the worthy customizing company to get the enchanting looks of the CBD hemp oil boxes. These boxes become more attractive after adding the element of printing. Appeal to the customers to make sure that packaging is perfectly up to the standard of their demand.

Your focus must be to get attractive printing by CMYK and PMS method that make the cannabis oil boxes more elegant. So, increase your product demand by giving them what they are desiring. To make it more outstanding apply 3D/2D printing that gives the most vibrant look to the oil boxes. The elegant color scheme on the boxes will make sure that the inner product is also useful. It makes the mind of the customers to buy from you and recommend your brand to the friend and families as well.

Apply different add/on features to make the boxes more elegant
Okay! Move strategically by giving the orders of the CBD hemp oil boxes to the manufacturing companies. Hence, the fascinating prints, elegant design, and appealing packaging are not enough to attract the maximum number of clients. You have to be more careful about making presentation boxes more attractive like the go for add/on the feature. Hence these features are commendable in their way by creating the lavish look of the boxes.

Thus, the most esthetic look of the cannabis oil boxes becomes more appealing after adding a silver/gold foiling touch. The embossing/debossing used in the boxes makes the texture appealing as well. The use of window die-cut in different designs is also appreciable as it gives a direct appearance of the inside oil bottles. To make the boxes more attractive apply a PVC sheet on it to get an extensive look at the box.

Explore the commendable packaging to protect the fragile oil bottles
The packaging material is the main focus that gives the guarantee that your product is safe. Hence, the use of eco-friendly packaging material in making the CBD hemp oil boxes is good to upgrade your brand status. Hence, the use of sturdy material in making the packaging is necessary because there is a chance of oil leakage.

But your packaging must be sturdy to cover that blunder. That’s why to apply cardboard material in making the most elegant designs of the boxes. Hence, cannabis oil boxes become more prominent in protecting the oils from any hazard.

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How to Elevate the Sales of the Product with the Help of Voice Over?

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Voice over is very much important to provide clarity in the sound. It also helps to build more trust in the various industries such as medicine, film, etc.

Investing in the voice over will help to elevate the sales of the product. You can give the script to the services and the experts will convert it into a good video effectively. So,Guest Posting once the video is converted, it will give a reason to the audience to come and boost the sales.

If you want to reach out to the audience, you will have to go and check the brand voice. The customers will come towards the end only when they will come to know the popularity of the brand. So, in order to make your business a global hit, you will have to choose a good voice-over artist.

Why choose a voice over service nicely?

If you choose Pocket Friendly Voice Over Services the sales graph will start accelerating. It will help to boost the return on investment. Sales will increase and more revenue will be generated. So, it is important that you need to choose a good service.

As soon as people will start recognizing the brand, it will help you to gain access to the global market. The competition will increase and it will help you to know your competitors better. So, choose the best services.

What is the importance of voice over?

People ask this question that Why is Voice over Important and the answer is that in today’s date video is the most effective way to connect with people. It grabs the attention of the people through all the dynamic movements. It is one of the most engaging mediums that we can say. We can say that it becomes easy to transfer information. It is also a good medium to trigger the emotional response. It can be interpreted in a very short time. It also helps in brand recognition. It also makes communication very effective.

Voice over is a kind of production technique that will maintain the integrity of the video content. They do not tamper with the originality of the video. The techniques that are used help to communicate effectively and also the message is delivered to the target audience effectively.

Localizing the content is vital:

Consumers also purchase the product that is related to a video. It is important to localize the video content so that it does not only engage the customers but also keeps them hooked. It gives an overall customer experience. It will also increase the sales of the business positively.

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7 compelling reasons to get a High-Risk Payment Gateway

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High-Risk Payment Gateways are referred to the payment gateways that are specially tailored for the High-Risk Business.

“The total transaction value in digital payments is projected to reach $6,682,332 million in 2021,”


A business must have a payment gateway to secure the transactions that happen on a daily accord.

A payment gateway is a payment processing channel that verifies,Guest Posting processes, and accepts or declines payments. The high-risk businesses are denied payment solutions from conventional Payment Service Providers. Therefore, eMerchantPro is here to save the day for those businesses.

But the question remains why do you need one.

7 Compelling Reasons
Listed below are the crucial reasons to take a payment processing channel into account:

Real-Time Transactions: A payment gateway such as eMerchantPro’s is embedded with the feature of Real-Time Transactions. It clears the payments in real-time as the payment is processed. Conventional transactions are a time taking process with many hassles. However, with a payment gateway, the process becomes hassle-free and least time-consuming. Though the procedure that a payment gateway follows is internally huge , the payments are processed in a second or two. That makes it tremendously time-efficient.
Immense Security: Payment processing channels maintain high levels of security. Maybe some of the payment service providers don’t extend their security to the maximum but with eMerchantPro, you get a huge advantage.
3DS and Non-3DS payment gateway for security to the payment gateway based on the virtual OTP.
eMerchantPro is PCI Compliant i.e. PCI DSS stamp to ensure that encryption.
SSL Certification to enable security encryption.
P2PE: person-to-person encryption to protect the sensitive data of the consumers throughout the process
Increase Consumer Experience: Various features of a payment gateway boosts the UX of the business. For example:
Multi-currency support: allows the consumers to pay in their own currencies. A convenience feature for the consumers to enjoy.
Multiple language support: for those consumers who feel more comfortable in their language this feature comes in handy for the business.
Easy Checkout: redirections can be a cause for the loss of maximum consumers. Therefore, an easy checkout option can complete transactions from a single window.
Fraud Prevention Tools: high-risk businesses are prone to frauds and scams that happen on a huge scale.
“The proportion of executives reporting that their companies fell victim to at least one instance of fraud over the past 12 months was 91 percent,”

says Firstpost.

Thus, a business undertaking a payment processing channel should make sure that the payment gateway has fraud prevention tools.

eMerchantPro has various deceit protection tools along with Chargeback management as well. A reason for your high-risk business to get a payment gateway is that it enhances the chargeback ratio of your business and at the same time prevents fraud for your company.

5. Allow 24/7/365 days payment: As your presence in the cycle of transactions is minimal, and the automation is doing all the work, consumers can pay on your website at any time. Using automation in the online world is important in the present times. Late payments will bring high-risk businesses to a halt. Not having {the ability} to pay bills, pay the team or expand the business is extraordinarily demoralizing for any business owner.

A payment gateway offers your consumer the ability to pay instantly, while on the move, and securely. If you create it simple for your shoppers to pay, then your invoices are paid twice as fast.

6. Global Card Saving: To enhance the transaction experience it is important that the card details or the payment details are saved for further use. Statistics suggest most consumers tend to drop a product or service if they have to enter their payment details over and over again.

Therefore with a payment gateway security can be maintained and at the same time, the convenience can be provided to the consumers to pay multiple times without going through the hassle of inputting the payment details.

7. Instant Payments through online channels: Instant payment is a component of the “do it now” online culture. Once your consumer sends a web invoice, the pathway to payment is fast and easy for the recipient.

Click a link to open the invoice (your client can immediately see it’s been opened)

browse the invoice and click on the preferred ‘pay now’ option’

Enter their credentials and build the payment’

It’s fast, convenient, and increasingly, expected.

Let us Sum Things Up
Bringing it to a close, there are diverse reasons for a high-risk business to get a payment gateway. Hence, eMerchantPro has various features for the payment gateway. Our features will generate a better conversion ratio for your business and at the same time will keep the security high for your company.

We understand that chargebacks and frauds are a major concern for your business. And for that reason, we have dedicated tools that will come in handy whenever there is a chance of fraud or chargeback

Providing complete assistance and 24 x 7support to the merchants from every high-risk sector. Contact Us Now!

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